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What is fitness marketing?

What is fitness marketing? I want you to ponder this question for a bit.

When I ask fitness leaders this question, I get answers such as: “fitness marketing is what you put out there for people to see”. Or: “advertising”.

I would like to challenge your thinking.

Fitness marketing is the sum of all the actions you take before, during, and after someone is your client.

Before someone becomes your client, you need to put in a LOT of work to figure out who you are as a brand; how you stand out from the competition; and why someone would choose your studio or gym.

(I’ll be talking more on the topic of branding in a bit, as it is very neglected in the fitness industry). And then, yes – “putting yourself out there to the world”

During the period someone becomes your client, you need to make sure you are offering a superior experience. A superior experience will make your client come back for more, and then leave you a 5 star review.

Should someone choose to take a break from your services – it’s still a good idea to stay in touch with them. There’s no reason why they can’t become your customers in the future, or refer you to their friends because of the stellar experience they received.

In future articles, I’ll be talking more about each of these topics.

For now, remember your new definition of fitness marketing: the actions you take before, during, and after someone is your client.

PS: Wanna get more up close and personal with these concepts, while applying them to your fitness biz? Check out our list of upcoming fitness marketing workshops!

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