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(My upcoming workshop “Brand Yourself! Three steps to creating a unique fitness brand” is now accepting registrations. Together, we’ll be exploring branding more in dept, AND apply it specifically to your fitness business, while you earn CECs. Check it out!)





  1. A single word that strikes fear in the hearts of fitness leaders everywhere

Synonyms: “hardest thing ever”; “urgh”

If this definition of branding sounds too familiar, then this article is for you. Branding can be a confusing concept, so I’ve put together a 3 step process to help you figure it out.


Step 1: Finding your values

At its core, branding is about differentiating yourself by showcasing your uniqueness and how you stand out. Your clients will want to work with you because they see you, as someone who’s motivated and driven, not because you can count their reps. A gym or studio often takes on the personality of the owner, so even if you’re not the one on the floor working with your customers, they will still be attracted to how you portray your brand.

So what is that motivates and drives you? What do you believe in when it comes to fitness? What do you looooove to talk about for hours on end? Why did you decide to become a trainer/class instructor? Why did you open your gym or studio? What is the impact that you want to make in the world, and in your clients’ lives?

In more practical terms, this translates into your personal values, or mission statement – an aspect of branding you can easily share with prospective clients on your website and social media.


Step 2: Understanding your process

Your approach to conducting your classes or sessions can be another unique branding aspect which we often take for granted because it’s so familiar to us. But remember – that’s not the case for a prospective client!

So what’s your process? Do clients get a warm towel and a cup of tea at the end of their class in your studio? Do you opt for a specific type of music in your class? Are your class instructors/trainers who is known for their  sense of humour and energy at 5am?

Showcase those unique aspects of the process that takes place in your facility, and be as specific as you can! Everything that you take for granted is brand new for a prospective client. For my personal training business, I’ve put together a page on my website called “First steps” where I clearly outline what happens from the moment someone reaches out to me, through to becoming my client.

What is the process that someone will go through in their journey with you?


Step 3: Serving your clients

The specifics of what you do for your clients is another overlooked piece that can add a unique spin to your branding. Do you alternate between indoor and outdoor locations? Do you teach and educate your clients so they learn? Do you always make sure newcomers to your classes are welcomed and settled in? What can someone expect during your class or session?

For myself, on the website for my personal training business, I put together a list of all the things I do for my clients, and called it “My unique approach”. Combined with my vision, purpose, and the process I take someone through, a prospective client knows exactly what to expect. Translation = I’ve created my own personal brand!


Bringing it all together

Branding is a combination of your personal values, the process you undertake with your clients, and what you do to help them achieve their goals. Combining these 3 aspects will result in your unique fitness brand.


Workshop: Brand Yourself! Three steps to creating a unique fitness brand

Has this article sparked your curiosity to see how you can apply these concepts to your own business? Then my upcoming workshop on branding is just for you. Check out more details and sign up!

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