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How we are different

A message from Irina Almasan

Personal Trainer & Founder of Simplifit Marketing

First of all, congratulations on being on this website right now – it means you recognize how important marketing is in your life as a fitness leader.


Secondly, I know there are other marketing agencies out there offering the same types of services we are offering here at Simplifit. So in that regard we’re no different.


However, other marketing agencies don’t know much, if anything, about the world of fitness.


But I know quite a bit.


Because I’m a personal trainer.


I’m in your industry. I train clients. So when you and I have a conversation about your struggles, or about fitness, I get you. Because we speak the same language. And because I own a fitness business too.


I also have marketing expertise which this industry is severely lacking so my goal is to bring that into your world. The same way you teach your clients and customers about fitness because you’re passionate about it, I aim to teach you about marketing because I’m passionate about it.


I want to talk about marketing specifically in the context of the fitness industry, and help you figure out what works best for you based on the unique needs of your business.


Finally, I want to understand marketing trends for our industry and then share them with you.


Simplifit Marketing is different because we know fitness.


We look forward to teaching you about marketing!

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