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Fitness marketing workshops

branding fundamentals
  • Brand yourself! Three steps to creating a unique fitness brand

    • Are you a gym owner looking to establish a loyal clientele?
    • Are you a boutique owner seeking to showcase the uniqueness of your studio?
    • Are you a trainer who wants to stand out from the crowd?
    • Learn how to connect with your audience in a way that will make them resonate with your brand
    • Uncover which elements of your business make you truly unique
    • Understand what branding is, and which aspects you can apply specifically to your fitness business
    • Registration is limited to 12 participants!
    • Take this workshop!
marketing fundamentals
  • Market yourself! Market your fitness biz like a rock star

    • How do you manage social media so it doesn’t become a time sucking black hole?
    • How much time should you invest in your marketing efforts?
    • Where should you post and market yourself?
    • How do you stay consistent in your marketing efforts without taking away from other tasks?
    • Learn which marketing tactics make sense for your business
    • Learn techniques to utilize your time effectively and efficiently
    • Create a marketing framework for your biz that you can actually stay on top of
    • Registration is limited to 12 participants!
    • Take this workshop!
sales fundamentals
  • Sell yourself! How to not be a pushy salesperson and still get clients

    • Does the idea of selling your fitness services conjure images of a “used car salesperson”?
    • Are you terrified of coming across as that “pushy” salesperson who will stop at nothing to sell you on their product or service?
    • Do you wish there was another, more “human” way to sell?
    • Learn how to sell your fitness services with integrity, confidence, and without being pushy
    • Learn to come across to your clients as professional and knowledgeable so they make the choice to work with you
    • Registration is limited to 12 participants!
    • Take this workshop!

What others are saying:

Leslee Montgomery

Owner & Fitness Counselor, Kyote Fitness & Counseling

Fitness marketing client - Kyote Fitness and Counseling

I expected to listen to old marketing material with a different take and what I learned was fantastic. I learned how to actually do this with a business as unique as mine.

This course will allow me to update how I show up on my website. It will improve my potential clients understanding of what I do.

It will give what I do a voice.

About your workshop facilitator:

Irina Almasan

Personal Trainer & Founder of Simplifit Marketing

Irina Almasan is a personal trainer and marketer with a goal to help fitness leaders understand marketing.

She believes that building a personal connection with people is the best way to attract, convert, and keep clients.

She has grown her fitness business, Tone Every Zone, steadily and organically by creating a personal brand that resonates with her clients.